Atelier Even is an interdisciplinary workshop involving art, (web-)design, architecture and theory.

The atelier was originally founded in Tel Aviv by myself – Orly Even - a practicing artist, architect and web-developer (allow me to continue in the first person☺). I hold a B.Arch degree in architecture (2010, Tel-Aviv Uni., magna cum laude) and a Master's degree in history and philosophy of science and ideas (2016, Tel-Aviv Uni., summa cum laude). Over the past decade my main professional focus has been on architectural practice, and I have worked in top architecture firms in Tel Aviv (commercial, residential and public buildings), alongside with a strong affiliation to the academy. Since 2015 I have also taught at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Technion Israel Institute of Technology (design-studios, workshops and architectural research courses), and have consulted and edited architectural-theoretical texts.

Art has also been my passion and a great interest of mine since early age, and several of my artworks were featured in exhibitions. That is why Atelier Even was covceived as a place of collaborative and interdisciplinary creation. The atelier is currently active in Tel Aviv and in Europe. It offers and welcomes creative collaborations in the fields of design, art and architecture, as well as editorial services and open exchanges of original ideas. This point in time has summoned a shift of focus to an uncharted territory of web design and development - incorporating front-end and back-end developemt, web programming languages and frameworks - into the atelier's main activity.

This websites features the atelier's selection of written, visual and coded works, divided into “galleries”. Full architectural, artist portfolio and CV are also available upon request.